Elk Creek

Welcome to Elk Creek’s

3rd Annual Rainbow Run!

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 so we are asking each student to set a fundraising goal of $100. We will be using our funds to benefit every child at our school. For details, please check out https://elkcreek.jeffcopublicschools.org/family_resources/rainbow_run_fundraiser.

What Can I Do?

Our students will be running as many laps as they can for 30 minutes and then gathering pledges for these laps. Each student can earn a variety of prizes, based on how much they raise. Our school’s individual prizes are on the family resources page and classroom prizes are on the Classroom Goals page. If you would like to donate toward a student, please go to the donate tab at the left.

Thank you for supporting our school!

School Goal ($) 20000

thermometer Total14076 Max ($): 20000
Received ($): 14076
70.4% Received ($): 14076
Target ($): 20000
Received Amount ($) 14076
Goal 1 Amount ($) 20000