Why Choose Read4Fund$

Unlike most companies that will provide a one-size-fits-all guide for you to run your own Read-A-Thon, Read4Funds is a local, full service, customizable Read-A-Thon program requiring very little management by the school or parent organization.

We create a custom program with input from the school administration and/or parent organization, and couple that with our expertise to create a fun and successful program for the students and the school.  We deliver all materials needed for the program to you, sorted by classroom to eliminate time consuming efforts that otherwise falls on administrators or parent volunteers.


How it Works

The Read4Funds program starts off with a powerful assembly.  With over 17 years of experience, Ed has specialized in creating a fun and exciting assembly to start your Read4Funds program off the right way!  Students will be motivated to start their reading campaign to raise money for the school.

Each student receives a packet with a Parent Information Letter, and all of the reading logs and collection materials needed for a successful pledge drive.  A dedicated pledge website is also created for the school to allow students to reach out to family and friends more easily, and to collect pledges both locally and nationally.  A pledge tracking section is also available to allow the student to check their online pledge campaign, and thank their sponsors!

As the students progress through their 2 weeks of reading, we provide reports on online donations and mid-campaign reading totals and eBlasts for teachers and parents.  Then at the end of the campaign, we provide personnel to do all accounting; final reports for individual, class and school donations; prize selection sheets and prize delivery, packed by individual and delivered by class.

Motivation and Incentives!

The problem that most fundraisers face, is how to motivate the students and families to participate, and take the extra step of reaching out to friends and family for help.


We have created a Prize Store where students earn “Fun Bucks” that allow them to select and purchase the prize that they want.  To create a fun and competitive environment, we can also arrange fun and interactive school and classroom incentives based on total funds raised.  Students love our interactive events ranging from inflatables, to water and foam activities, and carnival games; and with options that are appropriate for school and district safety concerns, and for every one of our Colorado seasons, our incentive programs are the best around!