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Why Choose Run4Fund$

Run4Fund$ has been partnering with Colorado schools for over 15 years. Our experience, and feedback from parents, parent groups, and administrators has helped us develop this unique program and provide year over year increases in fundraising for our partner schools.

Where our program differentiates itself from other fun runs, is our commitment to minimal classroom interruptions, 100% student participation in the fun run, and an unbeatable prize and incentive program for the students!



How it Works

The Run4Funds program starts off with a powerful assembly. With over 17 years of experience, Ed has specialized in creating a fun and exciting assembly to start your Run4Funds program off the right way! Students will be motivated to start their fundraising campaign to raise money for the school.

Each student receives a packet with a Parent Information Letter, and collection materials needed for a successful pledge drive. A dedicated pledge website is also created for the school to allow students to reach out to family and friends more easily, and to collect pledges both locally and nationally. A pledge tracking section is also available to allow the student to check their online pledge campaign, and thank their sponsors!

On run day we set up a fun 1/16 mile track with a 24 foot tunnel, DJ & cheering section, lap marking section, water station and personnel to provide a fun and high energy day for the students! After the run we provide reports on online donations and eBlasts for teachers and parents. Then at the end of the campaign, we provide personnel to do all accounting; final reports for individual, class and school donations; and prize delivery, packed by individual and delivered by class. Celebration Day finishes out our program, with students enjoying unique and exciting individual, class and school prizes together.


Motivation and Incentives!

Our program is designed so that every student participates in the fun run, and students can earn prizes and participation in fun, interactive events based on their fundraising efforts. Our dedicated fund raising website for your school allows the students to track their progress, and strive for the prize or event that they want to participate in!



The prizes structure is what truly makes Run4Fund$ different. We departed from the traditional “junk” toys typically used for prizes, and have instead created fun and interactive events for students to participate in. With both individual, and classroom based incentives, students are able to work toward individual and team goals.

We customize the prizes and events for each school to accommodate the season, and any school or district safety concerns or restrictions. View some of the options available in the videos below!

Contact us for information on how to start your own Read4Fund$/Run4Fund$!

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PTO Representative for 3rd year Run4Fund$ school in DougCo

Thanks again for a FABULOUS event!

School Secretary for 1st year Read4Fund$ school in JeffCo

Thank you so much for how all the students supplies were sent to the school. It was a 5 minute job for me which normally would take hours

Principal of 3rd year Run4Fund$ school in JeffCo

Thank you for awarding the Inflatables *and* Yogurt *and* Foam Parties to EVERYONE!! And, I am prepared to get soaked by many, many of my students!

PTO Representative for 6th year Run4Fund$ school in Cherry Creek Schools

Thank you so much for donating a Bounce House for our Auction again this year. You make this very easy for us each year with your donation.

PTO President of 5th year Run4Fund$ school in Littleton Public Schools

Run4Fund$ was by far our easiest and most profitable fundraiser! All of the kids enjoyed running together and playing on the prizes as a class and they wear their shirts all of the time! Parents like how easy it was for their students to get donations (without selling any trinkets) and that the prizes were fun and not just junk. We blew away our goals every year!